2023 EOS Series Resources-Program Follow Up

Download 2023 EOS Conference Brochure Here

Download each Program At Glance for the individual EOS session at the following Area Association venues:

Program Resources

Who Is Driving The Grader-Keynote-Ian McCormack

Ian delighted audiences with his dynamic approach highlighting the essence of leadership. Click on the image to download the “Who Is Driving The Grader” presentation.

Reach Ian via Strategic Steps Inc. at ian@strategicsteps.ca

Master Your Media Message-Media Must Haves For Elected Officials and Social Media Survival Skills – by Jan Enns

Accomplished communications expert @JanEnns continued to inform and delight our delegates as she shared her media must-haves for elected officials – those guiding principles, practices and “superpowers” to better engage communities. Thanks Jan for your lively presentation to wrap up our conference #EOS2023 #YouGotThis.

BONUS: Download Social Media Survival Skills by Jan Enns, from the #LGLA2022 Forum!

To reach Jan Enns, contact her at jan@janenns.com

MIABC – Municipal Insurance Association of BC – Presents:

“Loose Lips Sink Townships”

CEO of MIABC, Megan Chorlton, and Legal Counsel Steven Gares delivered a very entertaining and memorable presentation on the serious subject of risk management tips for liability arising from communications.

Download presentation here.

Our 2023 Keynote for the AVICC EOS Session, was Andrea Reimer.

For  synopsis of Andrea’s colourful, imaginative and entertaining presentation, please click on the image to download “Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Elected” .

Andrea teaches about power at UBC’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, public engagement at SFU and sits on a number of boards ranging from TransLink locally to her international work with the World Future Council and Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Andrea Reimer | Founder & Principal | Tawaw Strategies

🇨🇦  604-719-3920   🇺🇸  202-640-9674

Helping courageous leaders turn bold ideas into reality

Tracey Lorenson’s presentation,  “Dynamics and Decision Making” covered the subject of  “decoding conflict” to significantly reduce the likelihood and severity of unproductive conflict. The session discussed proactive governance measures that improve decision making.

To receive the most up to date version of the session handout,  please email Tracey Lorenson at tracey@civicexcellence.com and she will send it over to you.

Christina Benty delivered an amazing session on Asset Management.  Well known in local government circles for her work on “being a good ancestor”, Christina approached the topic of Asset Management with  the usual fun, dynamic, memorable performance.  Click on the image below to follow along with Christina Benty’s presentation.


Bonus: Catch Christina’s performance on YouTube!

David Allen, the Executive Director of AMBC (Asset Management BC), delivered the Asset Management module in Richmond and Nanaimo. Click on the image below to access the PDF from the “Strategies for Long Term Sustainable Service Delivery for Your Community” presentation

“Why BC’s local government elected officials need to be leading Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery in Their Communities” – is the headline of the lead article in the most recent edition of the AMBC Newsletter. Click here to open the newsletter for this and other exciting articles about Asset Management. Access all past editions here, including the very first edition of the AMBC Newsletter from 2010, starring Frank Leonard, long-time former Saanich Mayor, and presenter at EOS 2023.

Long-time former Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard performed double duty at most of the EOS performances; as part of the LGMA (Local Government Management Association) panel on Meeting Procedures 101, and also delivering the session on “Roles and Responsibilities”. 


To contact Frank Leonard email him at frankleonard@ymail.com


Dr. Gordon McIntosh provides governance, strategic and leadership consultancy and training services to local governments and municipal associations throughout Canada and overseas. Gordon has 36 years of executive, consultant and educator roles and received the Professional Award for Excellence in Local Government Administration in British Columbia. He has conducted 1,300 sessions involving 120,000 elected and appointed civic leaders.

Dr. McIntosh delivered the “Roles and Responsibilities” session in Richmond and Nanaimo in his usual entertaining, dynamic style, and left the following important resource materials for our delegates:

Decision Making Guidelines

Organizational Success Guidelines

Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines

To contact Dr. McIntosh, email him at ga.mcintosh@shaw.ca


“The Fine Art of Agreeing and Disagreeing”
Codes of Conduct for Councils and Boards

Project of collaboration between the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, the Local Government Management Association and UBCM. A group was created specifically to support local governments in BC as they developed resources and tools to strengthen responsible conduct.

“Codes of Conduct, do more than just provide insurance. They also strengthen a common understanding among a Council or a Board on how you will conduct yourselves. By doing so, they promote good governance and actually help to prevent bad conduct from undermining the elected body.”

Please view presentation by UBCM Director of Communications, Paul Taylor, and follow this link to a recent page highlighted in UBCM’s weekly newsletter, the Compass:



A collaboration between financial consultants Linda Tynan and Christopher Paine, Finance 101 presented the fundamentals of local government revenues and expenses, financial plans, financial controls and transparency.

Please download the ambitious Finance 101 presentation.

MFABC – The Municipal Finance Authority of BC Presented an overview of MFA’s role in the local government system and described ESG issues that face both MFA and Local Governments.

Please download presentation synopsis here courtesy of Peter Urbanc, CEO of MFA and Shelley Hahn, Chief Services Officer of MFA.

BC Assessment Presents Assessment 101

We are grateful for the wonderful presentations by BC Assessment during the EOS series, by

Graham Held, Manager –  Local Government Relations; Bryan Murao – Assessor – Lower Mainland Residential, and Teria Penner – Deputy Assessor.

Please download the 2023 EOS BC Assessment Presentation here.



As part of our presentation series on finance, we had several partner organizations presenting:

BCSPI-BC Social Procurement Initiative

Download presentation here

For more about the program, please access the short film on sustainable resourcing here

ETSI-BC  Economic Trust of the Southern Interior 

Download presentation here

Find out more about the program here

ICET – Island Coastal Economic Trust

Download presentation

Find out more about the program here

Meeting Procedures 101 – LGMA – Local Government Management Association

Huge thanks to LGMA, to Executive Director Candace Wytkovskyj and the illustrious cast for this production:

Sarah Jones, Director of Corporate Administration, Corporate Officer & Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Town of View Royal

Frank Leonard, former Mayor District of Saanich,

Janet Prestly, former Director of Legislative and Administrative Services Fort St John;

Anitra Winje, Manager of Corporate Administration, Kootenay Boundary RD;

Lisa Zwarn, Professional Registered Parliamentarian;

Michelle Martineau, Manager of Legislative Services at the Municipality of North Cowichan;

Karla Graham, Corporate Officer/City Clerk, City of North Vancouver;

Karen Elliott, former Mayor of the District of Squamish

Maureen Connelly, Corporate Officer/Manager of Legislative Services, City of Prince George

, City Clerk, City of Kelowna


Please download presentation here!

“More than Halfway, More than Half of the Time” 

The long-term strategy of building meaningful, functioning relationships for local governments and Indigenous Nations working together. Facilitated by Ministry of Municipal Affairs with regional panelists. Huge thanks to Dianna Porter , Senior Program Analyst, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Brent Mueller, Director, Governance Relations, Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and the amazing panelists who joined us

Please download the following legacy materials from these sessions:

Emergency Management in British Columbia

-Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness

Municipalities and Regional Districts 

Overview of RD structures, roles, relationships and opportunities.

Huge thanks to Marijke Edmondson, Strategic Advisor, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Michelle Dann, Executive Director,  Governance Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Download Presentation

Planning 101

Huge thanks to Lindsay Chase, RRP, Director of Planning, District of Saanich;  Ryan Smith, Divisional Director, Planning and Development Services, City of Kelowna and to Ashley Murphey, Planning Services Manager for Peace River District.

Download Presentation for Land Use Planning 101

Local Government In The Decade of Climate Action

Presentation by Maya Chorobik, Director of Climate Leadership, Community Energy Association

Download Presentation

Local Government Law 101

LGLA would like to express huge gratitude for the sponsorship of the EOS and delivery of the important Government Law 101 Module to:

Lidstone & Company Law Corporation – Don Lidstone

Young Anderson Barristers & Solicitors – Joe Scafe and Mike Quattrocchi

Stewart McDannold Stuart Barristers & Solicitors – Ryan Bortolin

Please contact these law firms directly with follow up for your council!

BC Transit Presentation

Huge thanks to Chris Fudge, Director of Government Relations at BC Transit and his staff for presenting at all the different EOS Sessions.  Please see a sample presentation uploaded here.  For more information on BC Transit Programs in your Area Association, please contact Chris Fudge.

And last but not least, enjoy the amazing, scenic presentation from our partners at Destination BC.

Huge thanks to CEO and President Richard Porges.

For more information on Destination BC Programming in your area, please contact Jody Young, Senior Program Advisor, Destination Development.

For more information about LGLA Programs including Leadership Certification, please contact Executive Coordinator Gabi Vindisch at: gvindisch@ubcm.ca

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