Solving the Pandemic Puzzle: Executive Panel on Navigating the Complexities of COVID-19

Join us Tuesday,  August 18,  2pm,

Webinar is hosted on the MIABC Website.

Register here.

Administering local governments in British Columbia is a complex and vitally important task. A number of independent organizations exist in the province whose mandates are to provide important services and support to local governments.  

In this joint Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA) and Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia (MIABC) webinar, panellists from BC Assessment, CivicInfo, GFOABC, LGMA, MFA, MIABC and UBCM, will discuss the risks local governments face in the wake of COVID-19 and how they can tackle these challenges, as we all continue to navigate the complexities of the pandemic.


Marina Sen, Insurance Services Coordinator, Municipal Insurance Association of BC (MIABC)

Gabi Vindisch, Executive Coordinator, Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA)



Gary MacIsaac, Executive Director, Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM)

Michael Spatharakis, Acting Director, Local Government & Indigenous Relations

Nancy Taylor, Executive Director, Local Government Management Association (LGMA)

Peter Urbanc, Chief Executive Officer, Municipal Finance Authority (MFA)

Todd Pugh, Executive Director, CivicInfo BC

Tom Barnes, Chief Executive Officer, Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia (MIABC)

Trevor Thompson, Board President, Government Finance Officers Association of British Columbia (GFOABC)

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