Your Assets Matter Master Class with Christina Benty

The job of locally elected officials is to provide stewardship and governance over the organization that provides your community with safe, sustainable, secure services in a predictable, cost-effective manner no matter what situation, challenge, or global crisis arises.  Asset management is the process that provides critical information on the costs, service levels and risks associated with delivering infrastructure services. What do we want and more importantly, what are we willing to pay for? This 2 hour interactive course will cover:

  • Asset management: What and Why
  • Overview of Council’s role and Staff’s role
  • What you can do – call to action
  • Using asset management as a decision-making & communications tool

During our interactive portion, we will dive into questions such as:

  1. What are the most important conversations that should be taking place between Council and Staff?
  2. What are the risks of not having those conversations? What are the long-term consequences?
  3. What is the role of Council in creating a corporate culture of asset management?

Christina Benty is a strategist and an organizational system change agent. She works with local governments who want to build a culture of excellence in an environment that is kinder, wiser, and more conscious. Christina thinks like a scientist and talks like a preacher. As a national speaker, facilitator, published author, and a performance coach for governing bodies and senior management teams, she masterfully delivers intellectual content with energy and enthusiasm. She has worked across the country informing, educating, and engaging local governments on sustainable service delivery challenges and opportunities.

Delegates who complete the class will receive 2 credit hours towards their leadership certification. 

Cost:  $95+GST. 

Sign up through the CivicInfo portal here

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