Solving the Pandemic Puzzle: Executive Panel on Navigating the Complexities of COVID-19

Co-Hosted by MIABC and LGLA, on August 18,  2020, Solving the Pandemic Puzzle brought together leaders from our partner organizations  reflecting on setbacks and opportunities presented by the pandemic. For. recording of this Webinar, visit the MIABC Website here. Administering local governments … Read More

How To Rock Your Next Video Call

LGLA delivered an interactive webinar with Jan Enns on Thursday, June 25th. How to Rock Your Next Video Call! Participants joined Jan Enns for a unique look at how to enhance presence in a new world where video calls have … Read More

2020 Leadership Forum

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 LGLA Leadership Forum “Inclusive Leadership”. Material and Highlights from the Program,are now posted Day One Highlights  Day One was an action packed, dynamic start to LGLA Forum 2020!  Opening Ceremonies began with … Read More

BCMCLC Workshop after LGLA Forum

Transitioning to High Impact Leadership on Climate Action – BCMCLC Workshop Building on the success of the Climate Leadership Institute, the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council (BCMCLC) tailored sessions from that event for locally elected officials attending the 2018 LGLA … Read More

2018 LGLA Leadership Forum

2018 LGLA Leadership Forum – Leading to the Finish: Reflections on a Term in Office January 31-February 2, 2018 – Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport, Richmond The 2018 Leadership Forum took place January 31-February 2 at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport in … Read More

2019 Elected Officials Seminars

The 2019 Elected Officials Seminar Series has now concluded. Thank you to everyone who attended an EOS event – we had an excellent turnout and high rates for all seven seminars. Below you will find permanent links to all available … Read More

Climate Leadership Institute

On November 1-3, 2017, the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council, with the support of the LGLA, hosted the Climate Leadership Institute at the Hilton Vancouver Airport in Richmond, BC. The event featured 2.5 days of intensive learning with leading professionals, peers, … Read More

2017 Chief Elected Officials Forum

The LGLA’s 8th Annual CEO Forum was held December 7-8, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport in Richmond (10:00 AM Thursday, December 7 to 3:30 PM Friday, December 8). Thirty Mayors and Chairs attended Finish Strong: Making the Most of Year 4, which … Read More

Economic Development Webinar Series – March 2017

In March of 2017 the Economic Development Division of the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training, in partnership with LGLA, hosted a free 3-part webinar series for local government and First Nations elected officials. Sessions included: Economic Development 101  (Webinar #1 Brochure) Smart … Read More

2017 LGLA Leadership Forum

The 2017 Leadership Forum was a one-of-a-kind communication extravaganza. We had an amazing keynote speaker, a host of incredible presenters, a very talented graphic artist recording the proceedings, and a full complement of delegates joining us from all over the province. Thanks … Read More