BCMCLC Workshop after LGLA Forum

Transitioning to High Impact Leadership on Climate Action – BCMCLC Workshop

Building on the success of the Climate Leadership Institute, the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council (BCMCLC) tailored sessions from that event for locally elected officials attending the 2018 LGLA Leadership Forum at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport. The BCMCLC workshop “Transitioning to High Impact Leadership on Climate Action” was held February 2 from 1:30-4:00 pm.

The workshop began with an inspiring presentation from Mayor Richard Walton of the District of North Vancouver, who discussed the importance and essence of leadership on climate change and his professional experience.

Community Energy Managers from three municipalities shared their experiences in using a variety of tools and emerging solutions for energy and climate action such as the BC Energy Step Code implementation, building retrofits, solar installations and electric vehicle strategies to lay the foundation for deeper discussion on a few key topics of interest to participants.

Small breakout group sessions included a round table sharing of current and future leadership challenges faced by Councils and Boards in BC communities as well as facilitated discussions on 1-2 key topics identified by attendees.

The workshop ended with a closing exercise identifying individual next steps/priorities for climate action leadership.

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