2016 Chief Elected Officials Forum

LGLA’s 7th Chief Elected Officials Forum — Seeking Alignment: Mid-term Check-in — was held December 6-7, 2016 in Richmond, BC.

Delegates took time during the mid-way point of the current electoral term to share ideas and challenges and to discuss the critical importance of the Chief Elected Official’s (CEO) role in ensuring governance and organizational effectiveness. Topics of discussion included:

  • Facilitating CAO Performance Feedback – appraisal tools & techniques
  • Aligning the Political/Administrative Interface – role clarity & shared expectations
  • Conducting Council Check-ins – enhanced governance and political leadership
  • Engaging the Public – effective messaging and consultation

Of particular interest at previous CEO Forums has been the CEO’s role in facilitating an effective CAO appraisal process. Discussion at this session will contribute to the development of criteria and guidelines to share with Councils and Boards throughout BC – incorporating CAO input.

The session was guided by Gordon McIntosh, who has 36 years of executive, consultant and educator experience and has conducted 1,200 sessions involving 130,000 elected and appointed civic leaders throughout Canada and overseas.

Resource – 2016 CEO Forum Workbook

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